Commissioned Portrait of Cath Hulme

This video shows the creation of a portrait of Cath Hulme, a beautful girl and sunny personality whose light will always shine brightly in her families hearts.

Client Review - Portrait of Cath Hulme

I commissioned John to paint a portrait of my niece, Cath, to give as a birthday present to my sister and brother in law, who both have birthdays in January. It was my sister's 80th so I wanted it to be something really special and 2020 would also see the 25th anniversary of Cath's death. This, of course, meant that John could only work from photographs. Despite this, he has painted a superb portrait, which has captured not only the physical likeness, but also what one might call the inner spirit, so that it feels almost like Cath comes alive in the painting. It is not just a wonderful physical likeness;  Cath's personality shines through. We are all so thrilled with this portrait.

Livestock Auction

Follow the gradual progress of my Livestock Auction painting through to completion